Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★½

With the new trend of self aware films coming out Ready Or Not is right up there. The film does manage to mix humor and suspense together quite well.  The plot is pretty basic with a person trapped in a dire situation. A young bride named Grace, from a foster care background joins her new husband's filthy rich and eccentric family in a long tradition that turns into a deadly game of survival.
Samara Weaving  gives a great performance and the viewer is genuinely interested in how she fairs throughout the film. She is an extremely likable character which holds interest, you want to see her survive the night. The capitalist ideology of “survival of the fittest” is pushed to the max,  but our heroine kicks some major ass. 
With all its predictability and many cliche moments Ready Or Not is an overall fun ride with some minor plot inconsistencies. Is it an amazing horror film, no, but I found it highly entertaining. And I absolutely love the homage to Heathers in the end.

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