Pain and Glory ★★★★★

“for old times sake”

Pedro Almodovar crafts a deceptively simple, down to earth film recounting his past, in only a way he could. His films have always carried a sense of growth within them, where his style continually grows and evolves, yet manages to have the same feeling and charm. The color pallet, the actors, the balance between the melodramatic and serious. Here it all culminates perfectly, in his most personal narrative feature yet. He gives his entire self to this film of course in terms of plot, but also in terms of style. We see the bright blues and reds that have become landmarks of his works, we see the same humor, but it all has a sense of reality tied to it now. We’re watching him in his most natural creative form. With this feature, Almodovar has truly crafted a film that represents his essence as both a filmmaker and ultimately, as a human being. One who grows, changes, and faces both tremendous pain and glory. 

Oh and it was gay so cheers to that !

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