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  • The Lovely Bones

    The Lovely Bones

    Before watching this movie I thought it's gonna make me cry so hard, cause you know it's about a little girl being murdered, but it didn't happen. Actually it didn't make me feel anything at all. And I blame this on both the script and editing. (or maybe it's just because of my depression. I don't know.)
    Why editing? Cause they didn't let us to feel whatever the characters were feeling. They didn't show us their grieving. Yes we saw…

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    What was with all those songs they were playing for no fucking reason?
    Honestly the movie wasn't what I expected. There's so many things wrong with script and directing that I just don't wanna talk about it. Just leave me alone.
    p.s. I need more Carrey Mulligan movies. Please someone tell her she needs to be in more movies. PLEASE.

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  • The Godfather: Part III

    The Godfather: Part III

    Now that I finally watched all three parts, I can say I like the part I the most and the part II the least.

  • Columbus



    One of the "make you feel better" movies. And the cinematography was great (in my opinion) and so suitable for the script.
    The ending kind of happened so suddenly and I wish we had more dialogues about what Eleanor offered to Casey and exactly when and why Casey decided to.. you know.. I don't wanna spoil it, so..
    Recently I realized that I enjoy watching movies full of dialogues between people a lot; more specifically dialogues between two people. So I enjoyed watching this one.