Dolemite Is My Name

I know nothing about Rudy Ray Moore, Dolemite, or even Blaxploitation films in general. What I do know a lot about is Eddie Murphy, who is my all-time favorite comedian, and who’s been one of my favorite performers in all of entertainment since I was a kid (thank you, Shrek). It’s been far too long since Murphy last had a hit, and far too painful to see him fall so far from grace, but Dolemite Is My Name is everything we all loved about Eddie Murphy in his prime making a triumphant return, surrounded by a stellar supporting cast, hilarious banter, a fun and endearing story, and at the center of it all, a ton of heart.

Next year brings us Coming 2 America and the first stand up special from Eddie in over 30 years. The Murphysance has officially begun, and it’s kicked off on one hell of a high note!

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