Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I'll write a full, in-depth, spoiler-filled review in a week or so when I actually have the time to and after having time for more viewings and to be able to process it more. Until then, here's some half-assed, disorganized bullet point list of all the thoughts running through my head at nearly 3am after two viewings.

-The character work is phenomenal
-Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley are two of the best up and coming actors working today.
-Mark Hamill's gives his best performance to date
-I was sent into a state of shock like 9 or 10 times
-The lightsaber sequences are the best, most interesting, and most powerful they have been since 1983.
-This is the most beautifully and fascinatingly shot Star Wars movie of all-time.
-Everything on Canto Bight was really bad, really out of place, felt like Fantastic Beasts not Star Wars, and I may hate it more than the Rathtar scene from TFA. It also added nothing to anything or anybody.
-Kelly Marie Tran is a treasure and I want Rose to be my best friend.
-I love and miss Carrie Fisher, and her final performance as Leia was epic.
-Finn and Poe are space bros for life and both are awesome in this.
-The direction that is taken with Luke Skywalker is so unexpected, so unsettling, pissed me the fuck off and tore me apart, but then made me feel whole. It was beautiful.
-I love Luke Skywalker.
-Rey and Kylo Ren's relationship is phenomenal
-Snoke is used brilliantly and Andy Serkis is one of my favorite actors working today.
-This movie has so much balls.
-Rian Johnson doesn't play by the rules and shakes a lot of things up and sometimes it made me uncomfortable as a diehard Star Wars fan.
-Kylo Ren is such a fucking fascinating character.
-I have literally zero idea where Episode 9 is going and part of that bothers me because it feels like this trilogy is kind of being made up on the fly but it's also exciting because I have no clue what's coming next.
-There's a certain something that happens in the movie that I CANNOT WAIT TO TALK ABOUT WHEN I WRITE MY SPOILER REVIEW, but if you've seen it: "We are what they grow beyond." 😃
-This movie made me like Captain Phasma.
-Benicio Del Toro's character was pointless and wasted an incredible actor.
-This movies gets super hardcore weird sci-fi sometimes and it's fucking cool.
-This rivals Empire Strikes Back for the best Millenium Falcon sequence ever.
-Rey with her hair down tho ...that has nothing to do with anything, I just have a low key (not low key) crush on Daisy Ridley.
-Rian Johnson challenged me as a Star Wars fan on what I thought I wanted/needed to happen in this saga and on what I thought Star Wars should/could be. I don't agree with every creative decision he makes, but it's clear as day that this is his story, and he tells it beautifully.
-Everybody who says Disney doesn't take risks can eat a dick.
-Everybody who says Kathleen Kennedy is bad for Star Wars can do the same.
-Rian Johnson's standalone trilogy is probably going to be one of the best of all-time.
-Porgs are adorable.
-I loved The Force Awakens and don't get how people can hate it. I loved this movie and completely understand why there will be people who hate it.

So yeah, good movie.

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