Alien³ ★★

Such a disappointment after Alien and Aliens. I don’t really blame David Fincher because I know the development hell this movie went through and I know he didn’t have much creative control. Man this movie is just a slog to get to literally nothing interesting happens until the final minutes of the movie it’s just a bunch of characters I don’t care about talking about stuff I’m not interested in. I literally was so bored. The final like 30 minutes finally provides some entertainment when we start getting into the alien stuff. But it’s still nowhere near as tense or as awesome as anything from Alien or Aliens. After Ripley just being such an awesome character and Sigourney Weaver’s performance just being so good in Aliens I was excited to see this character again. But sadly I don’t think she’s used that well in this movie. She’s not really used poorly either she’s just sorta there for most the movie and her performance isn’t anywhere as good as in Aliens or Alien. We do get some stuff with her towards the end and I do like her final scene here. So yeah you can see already that I don’t like this movie but the nail in the coffin is what they do with Newt and Hicks. It’s just a stupid inclusion into the movie that we didn’t need and it undermines the success of Aliens. It just puts a bad taste in my mouth.

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