Logan ★★★★★

The real ending to the X-Men franchise. When I first watched the X-Men movies I wasn’t at the age to be allowed to see this one so I yeah I didn’t end up finally watching it until now. But I’m glad this was the last movie in the franchise I saw because I’m a big fan of this franchise but Dark Phoenix was just such a bleh way to end the franchise so I’m glad I got this one my favorite of the series to be the last one I saw. Also timeline wise it happens last so it works really well. 

This film was very different then any superhero movie I’ve ever seen but at the same time it still is a super hero movie which I really liked. It was a nice refreshing movie in the genre. Even though it’s not an action focused movie when the action does hit it’s amazing. We get to see Logan go full beast mode in a couple scenes here and with Laura we get to see the claw action in a totally different fighting style. I’m glad this film was rated R because I really think with the tone of the movie they really needed to not hold back with the action especially with it being Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Logan. I think what really makes this movie so good is the characters and the performances. Logan and Charles are 2 of the 3 best characters of this franchise (the other one is Erik). We’ve seen these characters across so many life stages so seeing them in this old broken state hits really hard. I really like what they do with Charles seizures because it’s a really interesting idea what would happen with the guy with the most powerful mind if he started to lose it. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart deliver their best performances as their roles. I also really like Laura as this new addition and this bit of hope in their not very hopeful lives. Dafne Keen is also great in the role. 

I already had been spoiled about the ending years ago but that didn’t affect how hard it hit me because that ending was amazing. I don’t know if I could ask for a better conclusion to Logan’s character. I don’t know exactly where this falls in my favorite super hero movies but obviously you can tell from the score it’s easily one of my favorite super hero movies.

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