Spencer ★★★★

So yeah this was great really close to 4 and a half stars but I’ll keep it at 4 stars for now. The first thing I got to say is that Kristen Stewart is amazing in this. I loved her performance is definitely a part in what makes this so great. The cinematography here is great, so are the costumes, and this score is just so amazing. I expected this to be more directing focused movie then a writing focus movie which it kinda is but at the same time I thought the writing here was pretty equally great. There’s some really good dialogue focused scenes. There’s also some really good supporting performances in this movie from Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins, and Sean Harris. I think this movies does a great job of getting you into the head of Diana because I honestly knew nothing about Princess Diana in real yet they’re were able to make me care about her. 

In terms of negatives for the movie there’s this montage in the movie which I didn’t like. It went on to long and felt to much like they were trying to hard to seem like really artsy and I think it lost it’s focus within the movie. There’s also a couple points a lost a bit of interest but it mostly kept me engaged in the movie. 

So yeah overall I thought this was movie was so great and would definitely recommend

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