Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 ★★★★½

This also got better on this rewatch. Continues lots of the stuff I love about the first one, adds new stuff I love, and gets rid of some of my problems with the first one. That’s what a good sequel does. The VFX and action are a lot better in this one. Also it keeps the fun of the first one and has some camp but takes it down a bit which I think is a good thing because I think they took the campy stuff a bit to far at times in the first. What really makes me love this movie is Peter Parker I really care for this character and love this character arc he has to go on. I used to say that I wish he didn’t physically lose his powers and he just chooses not to be Spider-Man but I think it had to be this way because I don’t think he could just quit and even if he did he would’ve never gotten to actually relax. We also have a great villain in here with Otto. My only big problem with this movie is MJ. I’m not a fan of her in the first one and I’m still not. She’s a just a terrible person especially in her relationships and tells Peter to kiss her even when she’s engaged and then leaves on her wedding day to be with Peter like I feel so bad for John. Peter deserves better then her. But yeah besides that I love this movie and I wonder if after this rewatch it will be my favorite live action Spider-Man movie.

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