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  • Funeral Parade of Roses
  • Stalker
  • Lost Highway
  • Oldboy

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  • Capybara Walking

  • Stalker


  • The Act of Killing

  • Daisies


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  • Capybara Walking

    Capybara Walking

    Films don’t exist, they’re just an another thing to overanalyse and write essays on. Follow me on Musicboard where I’m actually active.

  • The Velvet Underground

    The Velvet Underground


    As the apocryphal quote goes, “The Velvet Underground didn’t sell many records, but everyone who bought one started their own band”. What follows is a chain of influence that continues to this day. Although their sound is most clearly heard in the genres of punk, glam, goth, and garage rock, the Velvets have never really left cultural consciousness. Personally speaking, the band introduced me to a world of music I had not yet encountered at the age of 16 -…

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  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween

    Fuck You Howard

  • The Sacrifice

    The Sacrifice


    Although the Bergman influence is well established, I can’t help but see some Beckett creeping through (which is likely incidental but definitely enhanced my viewing); little man and the tree, slapstick physicality, a piano scene  that recalls Bergman’s Autumn Sonata and Beckett’s BBC radio play - Embers. Embers itself becomes an unlikely, yet, equally dour and rewarding companion piece to The Sacrifice’s psycho-geography and purgatorial monologues. Beckett once wrote to Alan Schneider, on the topic of Waiting For Godot film adaptations,…