Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

i'm so so sooooooo excited by this film. i honestly love how WEIRD and how messy (and it is messy, hence the half star drop) and how dismissive it is. i love that it's thinking about how these kinds of films should go about growing and evolving, and how this world and these narratives fit into the world we have, considering legacy, and canon, and how we talk about the stories we love, and how to know when to let go of them. ("kill it if you have to.") i love how it thinks about collateral damage and moral ambiguity and it still allows room for the people we're rooting for to be big damn heroes when we want them to be (*brushes dust off shoulder*). and how interesting and EXCITING it is to have one of these huge monolithic franchise-y things that's DIVISIVE even if those divisions lead to bad (uh, incredibly bad) takes on both sides of the fence. i love it. i love this cast and how much they bring to it. i love star wars! i love PORGS and LAURA DERN

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