The Idle Class

The Idle Class ★★★★½

Probably my favorite of Chaplin's short films: the duel role device allows us a very unique dynamic in that we get to see what's essentially the exact same character but in two different social classes, and the real ingenuity of this short is how much is explicated through mere behaviour. But it's also a throwback to the kind of two-reelers that made Chaplin a superstar in the first place, but it's not necessarily something the director had outgrown per say: even though The Kid demonstrated a brilliant combination of comedy and drama, Chaplin was still a master of invention as ever and a big part of the joys of this movie is the amount of possibilities that spring forth from the mere plot contrivance of a single man wreaking havoc at a golf course. These segments seem almost as though shot over a weekend, but even if true it's a great example of how much fun you can have making movies over a weekend.

Chaplin is also weirdly underrated as an ironist even though it's actually the most obvious thing about him. A bum walks into a rich persons costume party and they let him in, because they assume it's a costume - brilliant

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