Skyfall ★★★★★

This is undeniably my favorite Bond film.

Overall, Skyfall is incredibly well-paced and engaging. The action set pieces here are so good that it thrives without the need for explanation or for things to be spelled out. The story is character-driven in that the film clearly follows more of M's past and relationships than Bond's, but heavily banks on trust and sentiment between the both of them.

Judi Dench has served the Bond series well and this is a fittingly beautiful farewell. To some degree, the only thing I remember in the series other than Bond himself is Judi Dench as M. Admittedly, I do not know Javier Bardem at all but his flamboyant playing of Silver shines in this film.

Lastly, the most notable aspect of Skyfall is its cinematography. I appreciate it working with the noir action tone that the film attempts to portray. There are just so many sequences that are wonderfully shot that they'll leave you in awe.

Tonight, Skyfall reaffirms my decision that it is one of my most loved films ever.