Lamb ★★★

Just a little suggestion

Make a remake. Make it a one man show. Actually, I’d like to see Björk have a go at it. Remake it, ‘jörk. Remake Lamb on that one Icelandic island. A musical one man show of it. Orchestrate complex melodies about hay and grass and and daddy issues and spaghetti and how womans are bad and hooves. Belt your soul out and dance like a lamb, morn like a human in the cold. You know what, cgi exists, don't be scared, embrace it. I want to see your face in each and every sheep in that whole goddamn barn. You know what, never mind. You don’t have the gall. the cheek. the guts. the nerve. the heart to assume the responsibility of vivifying such a sophisticatedly abstruse concept.

Until then, at least, I feel as though I will feel very little of something, of anything, for this, this Lamb thing. 

*Bachelorette by bork for evidence testifying for frequency match to Lamb

On a side note. I really enjoyed the shot with the windshield wipers.

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