I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

Not sure why I never did log that I'd seen this movie. I liked it, needless to say, but I think I enjoyed the more mainstreamish and more easily digestible Battle of the Sexes more, which is weird as I, Tonya has all the trappings of a movie I would enjoy and did enjoy. All the same, I thought it was a wonderful and intricate portrait of a person who had been, by all means, given the shaft in history and is getting a redeeming and a more beautiful portrayal of a character than she was given by the press. The cast is excellent with Margot Robbie showing her acting chops as Tonya Harding, I quite like the soundtrack, and the film is unflinching in its depiction as well as a good, working class roots film with an awfully evil Alison Janey in it. This film is pretty solid and I'd like to see it again to be honest before I would like to rate it rate it, but I'm giving it a good enough score for here to warrant me coming back to it, too.