Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Talking Heads is one of my favorite bands, hands down, next to Sparks and Frank Zappa. This concert movie is a good mishmash between the efforts of Jonathan Demme's direction and David Byrne's orchestration of the show. Each song has a beautiful performance to it, so organized yet chaotic and artful. It's not enough that the songs are incredible in this live performance, but that the choreography and the performances and, arguably,the story of each song is so perfectly crafted ranging from a wide range of influences. It doesn't feel like it's short nor long, it's masterful. It's like a painting, ranging from all of the perspectives of art and movements ranging from Euro-centric to Japanese influences that make it just a work of staggering beauty. I cannot praise this film enough and to go into each movement would take forever. Highlights include the Naive Melody sequence and, of course, the Girlfriend is Better sequence but, honestly, it is all utterly incredible. If this, honestly, is not the perfect concert movie it's among the finest ever made. It's a movie that comes very close to being simply sublime.

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