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  • The Incredibles

    The Incredibles


    me at Brad Bird consistently making some of the best animated films of all time: “HE CAN’T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS”

    real talk this’s one of the best Pixar films ever made and on top of that just one of the best animated films ever made— incredibly mature while still full of fun, legitimately weighty in its themes, incredible direction, writing, performances, and score— as close to perfect I can think of in its execution: I honestly don’t even…

  • Toy Story 2

    Toy Story 2


    a benchmark for perfect sequels— literally improves on the first one in just about every way— also there’s one guy named “Stinky Pete” voiced by Frasier and an absolute freak voiced by Newman so like what more could you want?

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  • Nine Months

    Nine Months

    every pregnancy movie is the same, every “annoying people” movie is bad, this movie ends like 3 different times and only the last one’s kinda funny, Robin Williams can only do so much to try and save this, and if I had the pro-choice I wouldn’t’ve finished this

  • Soul



    I didn’t think I’d be sobbing at the end of this one yet here I am

    SOUL is easily the best thing Pixar’s done in years and undeniable proof that Peter Docter’s one of the best filmmakers working in animation today— able to break down highly complex topics into deeply human portraits with high-concept flairs

    and despite MONSTERS, INC
    despite UP
    despite INSIDE OUT

    SOUL may very well be his masterpiece

    and the thing is— while I was watching it—…