After Hours

After Hours ★★★★★

Martin Scorsese’s known for lots of things— one of ‘em being the long runtimes for most of his movies— a characteristic that allows you to really get immersed into his worlds, characters, and stories— so imagine my overjoyed amazement that he’s able to do the exact same thing in a crisp 90 minutes with AFTER HOURS: what has to be now one of my favorite of his films

Scorsese’s take on an absurdist Kafkaesque psychological urban horror comedy (shocker that this was at one point in time gonna be directed by Tim Burton) is so unlike anything he’s ever made and yet at the same time fits perfectly within his greater oeuvre

this movie FEELS like you’re on speed— the camera’s constantly zooming, sweeping, and close-upping (some of my favorite cinematography in any Scorsese flick), the editing’s brisk, the lighting’s neon-drenched, the score’s synthy (shoutout once again to the genius of Howard Shore), and all the characters are fuckin’ batshit INSANE in the best ways possible

there’s just such a constant sense of progression through forward momentum for this thing— every new complicated fold makes sense and never feels frustrating— just stress-inducing at most: which’s the point!

you simultaneously feel bad for Paul but also he’s a total fuckin’ dick that you don’t mind seeing him get his shit wrecked every now and then

I wanna try to analyze this on a deeper level and try to pick up on themes of sexuality, powerful women, the notable amount of queer characters, fulfillment (both sexually and just in life), etc— but also I’m totally content for now with just calling this a total vibe that I had a fuckin’ BLAST watching

watch this one if you haven’t it deserves more love!

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