Big Fat Liar

Big Fat Liar ★★★★★

literally one of my favorite movies growing up— some absolute “scratched the fuck outta the DVD I watched it so much” shit right here: and as an adult?


I know most people (including myself) don’t wanna admit it— but Dan Schneider was a banger of a writer in his heyday and BIG FAT LIAR is a real testament to that— to the degree that I really wish he wrote more movies— ‘cause this is easily one of the funniest, weirdest, most tightly scripted kids movies I’ve ever seen

its greatest strength is absolutely its whole “baby’s first THE PLAYER” angle— giving movie loving kids (me) one of their first real glimpses into how movies are actually made and— yeah— how much the whole process kinda fuckin’ sucks! hopefully none of our scripts get stolen— but the fact that this movie not only shows the inner workings of Hollywood but also an exaggerated look at just how fucked up it all can be is honestly pretty amazing in hindsight

and on top of all that: it’s just a great HOME ALONE-esque “kids fuck with grownups” slapstick bonanza if ya don’t care about any of that shit

that ending still makes me tear up every time!

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