Burn After Reading ★★★★

everybody else has already sung 80% positive praises of this film (as I do too) 

so instead, I’m addressing people on the fence about this one: this is definitely one of those that’s funnier on rewatches, it’s not even one of my favorite Coen Brothers films and yet, like The Big Lebowski, I find it super easy to come back to or just pop on while I’m... “worried... about the security... of your shit” (sorry that scene just always makes me bust out laughing)

because even if you miss shit or it flies past too quickly like pretty much everything else in this film, the confusion is... kinda the point? and I guarantee you’ll pick up on different things with a rewatch 

but at the end of the day, and — again — like Lebowski, none of that shit really matters and that is DEFINITELY the point: so just pop it in if you want something funny that takes itself WAY too seriously over nothing, and I guarantee you’ll get at least a few laughs