Saw ★★★★★

one year and 364 days ago, i decided to make myself watch this for the first time ever. i think that might be the best decision anyone has ever made in human history. i have seen this so many times and like fine wine, it gets better and better over time. i could watch this 100 more times and i would still lose my mind over that ending, the best in cinematic history. 

this movie is more timeless than citizen kane, more gripping than pulp fiction, more flawless than the godfather, more emotional than the shawshank redemption, the list could go on and on. i honestly believe they should rename 1001 movies you must see before you die to just 0001 movie you must see before you die and it’s just this. this is truly a masterpiece and i can confidently say it is the best movie of all time, nothing will ever top it.

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