• While We Watched

    While We Watched

    A saddening yet inspiring tribute to a resilient figure in journalism, and the price you pay for truth in these turbulent times. RIP democracy. Hope we meet again, yet another five years down the line.

  • Meri Pyaari Bindu

    Meri Pyaari Bindu


    This would've changed my life when I was 13-14 years old. But unfortunately I'm now a fairly mature human being with a decent enough understanding of love and very little tolerance for these cloying "she was so unique, she was like no one else, she changed my life 🥺" kind of unrequited love stories, so I didn't really find this to be containing anything fresh or new, except for maybe the last 30 minutes, which were effective and poignant. You simply cannot end your mid movie with Sonu Nigam's voice smh, that's like a cheat code to get me to think it's mostly okay.

  • Malang



    Mohit Suri you have rocked my world. What an engaging and truly thrilling entertainer this was! Kind of a mix and match cocktail of Ek Villain and Kaabil with a surprising dose of exploring emasculation and insecurity in men (a familiar ground to cover for Suri) perpetrated by peer pressure and toxic masculinity, and how it takes shape in the form of violence towards women to "feel like a man". And the film leaves no holds barred in punishing these men for what they do. Pulpy and trashy while also being majorly entertaining and watchable, despite the wooden-faced leads. Total blast.

  • Kaante



    Always a pleasure watching a film my dad loves and geeking out with him on the coolest moments, which this film has plentiful of. Crackling dialogues, excellent ensemble, fantastic music. This is how you remake/rip-off/adapt a Hollywood classic to desi sensibilities. A total blast. No wonder even Tarantino loves this.

  • Thappad



    And to think all of this could've been avoided if he just realized his mistake and apologized with a sincere heart.

    Uncompromising, honest, and true with outstanding writing, direction and performances. A must-watch.

  • Maestro



    Bradley Cooper the director is a revelation (even more so than ASIB) and genuinely amazes you with his images and his visual storytelling, particularly showing off his skill-set with plentiful Spielberg-esque oners throughout the film, filled with fantastic blocking and staging.
    Bradley Cooper the actor certainly does come off as desperate and doesn't really involve you very much with his well-done, well-prepared but shallow (lol) imitation of Leonard Bernstein.
    Bradley Cooper the writer terribly bores you with a haphazard collection…

  • Ram Ke Naam

    Ram Ke Naam


    Watch this before it gets wiped from existence forever.

  • Bala



    A crude, funny, simplistic but well-intentioned comedy-drama about the insecurities and complexes ingrained in us through our social dogmas, that's elevated to slight but entertaining greatness by Amar Kaushik's brilliance at capturing character-driven humour and the minutiae of the small-town setting. Maybe my favorite Ayushmann Khurrana performance, but really there's not a single note missing in any of the actors' work here, particularly Yami Gautam, Bhumi Pednekar and Saurabh Shukla. It's a fun watch! Amar Kaushik is 3 for 3.

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas


    The master of slick, edgy, delicious thrillers mellows down and delivers a patiently made, one-of-a-kind, twisted love story between two complicated souls, packaged inside (or more appropriately, caged inside) an exquisitely carved noir love letter to Bombay. It lacks some of the staple originality I associate only with Raghavan, and it could've used some tightening up along with, imo, better casting (although Sethupathi did a great job), but it's still an unmatched delight watching one of the best filmmakers in…

  • Shaandaar



    This is one of the most bizarre and straight up ridiculous Bollywood movies in recent years, one I have absolutely despised since its release. But I guess if Jhoom Barabar Jhoom is anything to go off from, it's become a rite of passage for me now to appreciate the same campy, insane, original-in-the-truest-sense Bollywood musicals I hated when I was younger through a new lens.

    But yeah, what a strange one this is. Like someone took all the Dharma Productions…

  • May December

    May December


    Pitch-black, uncomfortable, and haunting. Is Julianne Moore even real??? What a performance. My favorite Todd Haynes yet.

  • Agneepath



    Ajay-Atul's musical genius got me to rewatch this (Shah Ka Rutba is literally the best song ever no cap) and I'm happy to report that this actually kinda rules, despite my earlier indifference. It's a very gothic, edgy and sincere true-blue masala crime epic with fantastic worldbuilding and imaginative production design that feels truly timeless (you really can't tell whether the non-flashback portions take place in the present day or in the 80s/90s), along with a masterful soundtrack that feels…