Sam Jay Stands Out Among the All-Star Cast of ‘You People’

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Sam Jay has arrived. The comedian’s comedian who plays Mo, the wisecracking, tell-it-like-it-is bestie to Jonah Hill’s Ezra in You People, may only have a handful of on-screen moments in the delirious, cringe-inducing new rom-com, but she makes every single one of them count.

A former Saturday Night Live writer, the celebrated stand-up may already be familiar to Netflix viewers from her turn in the 2018 special The Comedy Lineup and her own 2020 hour-long special 3 In the Morning. But in Kenya Barris’ You People — her first foray into major feature films, by the way — one would never guess that she wasn’t already a seasoned pro. Over and over again, she delivers knockout monologues that feel off the cuff. And her ease, timing, and ability to steal the spotlight from the film’s cast of comedy all-stars (Eddie Murphy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the list goes on…) is one the movie’s most delicious surprises. That’s why Sam Jay feels like You People’s stealth MVP.

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