Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

Bodies Bodies Bodies. 2022. Directed by Halina Reijn. 

This is a well directed (gen Z) whodunnit that will keep one guessing until the end. Inspirations come from Clue, Heathers, and Kids. In fact, it is a fresh take on a classic whodunnit, thriller, suspense, genre. Sarah DeLappe’s screenplay of Kristen Roupenian’s story about technology, drugs, and a group of millennials with old and new money in a hurricane party that goes sideways due to an initial murder. This initial murder creates chaos. Do not let anyone give you spoilers before seeing this film or it will be completely ruined. 

With regard to the cast Rachel Sennot and Maria Bakalova delivered laugh out loud lines and physical comedy. Bodies Bodies Bodies is definitely a film that is a blast to view in a theater. The mixed responses (laughs, sighs, WTF) during the actual Bodies Bodies Bodies game was awesome. Pete Davidson and Lee Pace have short performances that do not really showcase their full range of talent. But the female cast make up for all this. Halina Reijn (Valkyrie, Black Book, and Goltzius and The Pelican Company) used her experience from Bryan Singer to Paul Verhoeven to show how human’s put in a pressure cooker situation will crack & turn to terrorism. This fine line between comedy and life/death is the line that the screenplay walks literally on a tight rope to keep one going what is next?

Bodies Bodies Bodies is an A24 horror classic but is no where near the realm of The Witch, The Lighthouse and/or X. It is more of a film that wants to be an awesome  whodunnit. Bodies Bodies Bodies is fun but this is not Knives Out level but, it is close in an A24 way that elevates 🙌🏽 it in its own cinematic world. It relies on comedy, absurdity, and jump scares to keep the audience’s attention. We recommend (BODIES BODIES BODIES) watching for some fever filled fun that one will not soon forget. The tension, storm, dialogue, and blood will stay with you for quite some time. 

Viewed in a Theater.


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