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  • Faces Places

    Faces Places


    Watching quite a few Agnès Varda films

    A delightful, bittersweet doco from Varda and JR, constructed as an episodic, rambling journey through the French countryside. It's filled with heartwarming moments, cheeky humour and quiet contemplation. The film highlights art at its most permanent and monumental, as well as at its most ephemeral. It is also a film about people and the meanings they attach to their work and life - not just the people the leading duo encounter, but the…

  • Boomerang!



    A pretty nippy bit of social commentary with a mix of politics, crime, justice, corruption and the media. The film sides consistently with an ethical lead Henry Harvey (Dana Andrews), a prosecutor who understands the requirements of his role but is beset by nefarious forces seeking to exploit the political and legal system for their own ends. He is tasked with prosecuting the murder of a renowned local priest, but his duty to pursue truth and justice is heavily footnoted…

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  • Roma



    Cuarón's intensely personal examination of and reckoning with his privileged upbringing is a masterly piece of technical film-making as well as an example of momentous human storytelling. This is a film that puts in overtime to earn the term 'work of art'.

    The film didn't pull any cinematic punches bringing you into this world of memory. Shot with serene distance, pivoting on an axis from positions that allow multifaceted understandings of the space, the film has a deep-seated painterly quality.…

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    Probably the best romance film I've seen to date. I'm not particularly well versed in the genre, having had a white male adolescent filmic upbringing typical of the 21st century (too much Christopher Nolan and Lord of the Rings on slightly painful, endless loop). But this film resonates profoundly with the experience of the first moments of a romance in a way few gimmick-laden romcoms or overwrought period romantic dramas do. The former kind of film is up to date…