The Adam Project

The Adam Project ★★½

Levy’s science fiction adventure is a generically written story with pedestrian action that is evocative of better genre staples. Where it lacks in creative ambition (it’s stupid name, for one), it is compensated to a degree by a couple of heartening moments and poignancy when it comes to dealing with loss. 

There’s promise from the young Walker Scobell and I liked some of the quippy, multi-layered exchanges between him and Reynolds. However, there’s a couple of scenes where Scobell is tasked with delivering a very Reynolds-esque line with his older self’s ever so smug mannerisms…a part of me literally died inside.

Garner has embodied the loving mother figure so incredibly well over the last few years. She brought me to tears in Love, Simon and in this there is a really tender moment which she shares with her future, older son in a bar. Reflecting on her parental failures she is comforted and reassured by somebody who she perceives to be a complete stranger. Ruffalo also has one really moving scene, but any emotional impact is undercut by Reynolds’ reluctance to express his feelings in the moment. That Reynolds fatigue must be kicking in now, surely? Can we please stop giving him producer credits on films!

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