The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★

Dreary storytelling and disappointingly thin on the ground, this gritty thriller didn't do a whole lot for me.

It was a misjudged creative decision to include that recurrent voice-over. Not only is it unnecessarily expository, it's also intrusive on the characters' own dialogue. In one scene, Holland's character Arvin addresses another and pauses mid-sentence to allow the voiceover to finish. It's awkward. Tonally, the voice-over has been lifted out of something like Shawshank. It doesn't fit the mood here.

Elsewhere there's too many characters busy committing a multitude of sins that neither of them are developed well enough - there's little investment as a result. Characters are then cast out of the picture with barely even a struggle.

Aside from that, Pattinson is the standout cast member. It's a similarly caricature-esque performance to that of his role in The King. Holland is good too, delivering a performance of restrained anger. Shame the material isn't as good.

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