Daughters of Darkness

Daughters of Darkness ★★★★★

Arthouse meets Grindhouse. 

Daughters of Darkness transcends its vampire genre trappings (they’re in the movie, just not at the forefront) for a more psychological/psychosexual approach—plunging us headfirst into a hyper-stylized gothic fever dream equal parts haunting and mesmerizing.

Wonderful direction, supreme production design, an extremely tense score from François de Roubaix, lush cinematography, atmosphere of the highest order, and desire fueled performances (Delphine Seyrig channeling Marlene Dietrich and Andrea Rau are magnificent) elevate this erotic esoteric vamp nightmare to god level status for me. Can’t really find the right words to describe my appreciation for movies that make me feel like I’m trapped in some mythical limbo, but this is one of those movies. 

Perhaps my favorite vampire film.

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