Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★½

This is another instance of me going to a packed house with my friends and all of us getting pretty wrecked in my buddies “mystery machine” van before heading into the theater. We had a blast. I really wish these two icons met in their prime during the late 80’s. It’s weird... because there definitely ARE some scenes in this that I love, I think I just may have burnt out on it back in the 2000’s. Still a fun time tho, regardless of how many stars I give it (and regardless of how much I dislike the martial arts fighting style at the end)

Kill count, taken from a fan site:
1. Heather - impaled with machete and pinned to tree (Jason) (Dream)
2. Trey - stabbed with machete repeatedly, folded in half in bed (Jason)
3. Blake's Dad - decapitated by machete (Jason)
4. Blake - slashed with machete (Jason)
5. Frisell (Glow Sticks Raver) and 
6. Gibb - double impalement with a long pipe (Jason)
7. Shack's Friend - head twisted around (Jason)
8. Shack - impaled by flaming machete (Jason)
9. Raver #1 - sliced with machete (Jason)
10. Raver #2 - sliced with machete (Jason)
11. Raver #3 - slashed in shoulder (Jason)
12. Raver #4 - sliced in stomach with machete (Jason)
13. Raver #5 - slashed with machete (Jason)
14. Mark - face slashed with razors and then set on fire (Freddy)
15. Security Guard - crushed by heavy door (Jason)
16. Deputy Stubbs - electrocuted on console (Jason)
17. Freeburg - chopped in half with machete (Jason)
18. Linderman - impaled on shelf bracket (Jason)
19. Kia - slashed with machete and thrust into tree (Jason)
20. Freddy Krueger - arm ripped off by and own glove rammed through torso by Jason. Decapitated by Lori

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