Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★★½

Handstand kill for the win!

At one point in the mid 1990's this and Part VI were in a toss up as to which one was my favorite and I would constantly watch both of them over and over, I’m pretty sure VI won that battle for a while but when I think of Jason I usually think of this movie first. I love the Higgins Haven setting in this, the barn—the cabin—the cabins cool spiral staircase! Extra special thanks to Shelley for bringing the hockey mask, and to unmasked creepy Jason at the end… the way he looks in that barn window still gets me.

One of my ‘anywhere, anytime’ movies.

Kill count, taken from a fan site:
1. Harold - meat cleaver to chest
2. Edna - knitting needle to back of the head
3. Fox - pinned to rafter with pitchfork through neck
4. Loco - pitchfork to the stomach
5. Shelly - throat slashed (offscreen)
6. Vera - spear fired into eye
7. Andy - macheted in half while walking on hands
8. Debbie - knifed through chest from beneath hammock
9. Chuck - electrocuted on fuse box
10. Chili - impaled with fireplace poker through chest
11. Rick - head squeezed until eye pops out
12. Ali - Originally bludgeoned with a wrench; later recovers and has arm hacked off with machete and then chopped with machete

Lmao at #12

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