Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers ★★★½

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If you want to see Dr. Loomis (who at this point is easily more insane than Micheal Myers) violently shout in a young girls face, telling her about dead bodies while throwing things in a violent manner, and using her as bait to catch an unstoppable, escaped maniac killer who just last year decimated the entire Haddonfield police force and half the town—then this is for you! 

I’ll always love Donald Pleasence and his unwavering commitment to the genre (even if he was piss drunk during the entirety of the 80’s) and although I overdosed on Halloween 5 when I was younger I’ve finally come around on it again. Nostalgia is a big part, but there’s some unexpected fantastique elements at play here... the whole hobo scene... many would make Bride of Frankenstein comparisons there but its played very Jean Rollin if you ask me, who’s influence is clear via the numerous buildings covered in vines, hyper-stylized camerawork, gothic vibe, and a barn scene nod to Fascination

My friend Haydenween 5 is probably spilling out a wild turkey shot rn with happiness because my 15 year meh streak with this movie is over lol.

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