Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★

The first two Halloween offerings (the whole franchise really, but especially those two) mean the world to me… the vibes evoked, the pulsating soundwaves, the faceless mask, the camerawork from patron saint of cinematography Dean Cundey, the lurking terror suburban nightmare, and the memories linked to their existence—it’s all my jam, so yes, I was beyond stoked for this.

My favorite movie of the year (so far) is James Wan’s Malignant, which is beyond silly but utterly entertaining to morons like myself, and this falls in that same ballpark for me… the idiot mob mentality stuff with its Walmart Black Friday shoppers and goofy evil dies tonight chant was poorly executed and every second Michael Myers wasn’t on screen this didn’t even feel like a real movie. I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching the fourth act of Halloween 2018 stretched out to 90 something minutes (kind of like Quantium of Solace) but I dunno… seeing freight train Myers sweep through the town like a rampage plague while everyone bugs out spewing chaotic vitriol and cringey fan service dialogue in between on the nose melodrama and Carpenter soundwaves worked for me?

This is such a dramatic departure from 2018 but the vibe changing consistency in this franchise is par for the course—weirdo druid man in black cults, hokey reality tv setups, beer belly shotgun mobs, the cookie women, multiple timelines, a raving lunatic doctor uttering unmatched monolithic dialogue, a murderous mask company, the best (as far as I’m concerned) part I/part II (78,81) punch in genre history, and now a bloodbath of make Halloween great again barstool warriors conjuring evil with an endgame of never safe characters getting decimated by meat grinder Myers in brutal fashion.

Some things I didn’t care for other than what I stated above—The fan service legacy characters felt a little like eyesores at times, the script was a doozy, and seeing 18 year olds picking up desert eagles and shotguns for the first time while lamenting in anger about 40 years of evil poisoning the town like cancer did in fact make me cackle. Minor grievances for me in the long run but whatever, I dig this HallowGreen timeline and It doesn’t bother me at all about other entries being ignored… I still have those to watch whenever I want—a choose your own adventure, if you will.

Michael looks great in this and I was surprised at just how much of The Shape we see here, I didn’t mind his Vorhees-esque killing sprees either… I loved the 78 flashback and how every shot Myers is in reminded me of Godzilla: King of the Monsters where Gidorah looked beyond emaculate filling up the frame like a careless marauder of personified death. The title credits are wonderful, Haddonfield felt more like a town setting-wise, and Carpenter’s more experimental score hit my sweet spot—these were standouts for me… but there’s plenty here that will leave folks scratching there heads or rolling their eyes… standard issue for just about any Halloween sequel, so I imagine this will be divisive and filled with Twitter mob viewer takedowns, Malignant all over again!

Anyways, I liked this more than 2018, and there’s plenty of folks out there that are much smarter than I am with big brain energy that'll articulate and nitpick every facet of this movie better than I ever could but let me enjoy my idiot moron movies like this, Malignant, The Town that Dreaded Sundown remake, or Strangers: Prey at Night while you folks gorge on the things you love like Ted Lasso or anything superhero… and while your’e at it I hope you have a wonderful October 🎃🔪

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