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Despite my tastes being what they are, Let the Corpses Tab is finally a Cattet and Forzani that I really, really, reeeeallllly like! The exhausting overdose of obsessive style is still there, but I was able to thoroughly enjoy myself this time with the successful hodgepodge of crime, giallo, and spaghetti elements mashed together to finally create an original and violently surreal jam thats filled with tension while wasting no time in pleasing the eye. There’s parts of this movie that I fucking loved so much and I can’t wait to revisit Let The Corpses Tan again after my brain recharges.

One thing though... Ease up on the overly intense sound editing though guys, we get it, but I didn’t need to hear that dudes leather jacket crinkle that many times, the obsessive fixation stuff doesn’t do anything for me at all—but the good, well paced story does, so bravo on making a movie that didn’t just feel like an homage jerking off for film students, I was entertained with some dope primary colors, just enough narrative, tense moments, violent outbursts, and Boris Karloff heist masks.

Groovy, and I’ll definitely watch this again soon, but I can’t wait until they make a totally stripped down movie and show me how good they really are because even though I haven’t clicked with a lot of their stuff, they’re legit cool.

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