Suspiria ★★★★

A writhing contortion of motherhood, guilt, division, and manipulation. Nothing what I expected and everything I could have wanted as far as a ‘remake’ of a movie so personal to me that I cherish it more than the just about everything... except my cat. Suspiria is long, but I was mesmerized via dance induced dread, disturbing images of broken bones, what I saw as powerhouse performances, a blood soaked sabbath, and 2018’s reimagining of 1970’s Witches all set to a wintery evil atmos mix of a chaotic, muted color setting.

I’m glad I finally watched it and that it took me on a journey of emotions, I’m glad slow burn horror exists—as well as 90 minute dumb goofy horror, and I’m glad this movie exists. I dunno if it’s just because I’ve revisited a decent amount of Fulci lately... but there were scenes of this movie soundwaved by that eerie piano motif reminded me of Fabio Frizzi’s work with Fulci. Also, I can’t help but agree with the ‘reminds me of Herzog’s Nosferatu’ quotes I've seen dancing around this site.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about this down the line, but I will close with this... the one thing Suspiria 2018 has 100% in common with its 1977 counterpart is quite simple as far as I’m concerned: Don’t fuck with Witches.

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