Terrifier ★★★½

Terrifier is a mean spirited and filled with Tied up bodies sawed in half, tons of blood with violence bordering on torture porn, and maniacal Art the Clown pulling out a gun and blowing someone away out of nowhere as well as stomping in faces with his clown shoe. 

The budgetary trappings from All Hallows’ Eve are still there but the makeup and gore are definitely the beneficiary of said budget. Listen, this movie has its faults... its no game changer—we’ve seen this all before, its misogynistic af and borders on dopey mid 2000’s torture porn while catering to the convention dude bro crowd. As I mentioned before, Terrifier is very mean spirited and Not for everyone so tread accordingly, but at the same time that mean spirited unpredictability of Art the Clown actually makes this movie scary as fuck—at least to me.

Side note: The Terrifier short is still my favorite art the clown jam. Also, I’ve been to the pizza place in this movie!

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