The House of the Laughing Windows ★★★★★

Opting for the rural backdrop rather than cosmopolitan, The House with Laughing Windows lives deliciously within confines of the folk horror milieu, lacking the well documented motifs so commonly attributed to the giallo in favor of an almost suffocating plethora of menacingly unstoppable atmosphere.

Establishing an eeriness from the get go with a highly disturbing opening (among the genre’s best) before throwing us into the fray with dollops of mysterious dread, morbid paintings, deranged townsfolk, terror inducing windows, and diabolical underbelly before it’s bookended perfectly with a seething and unforgettable twist of pure bedlam.

A full fledged genre masterpiece that shouldn’t be slept on, but in some weird way I think The House with Lauging Windows enjoys its often left alone place within its genre, it’s eyestoping laughing windowed poster art waiting within obscurity to be discovered by inquisitive genre fans looking to stop by some sleepy, off the beaten track nightmare. Enter at your own risk.

I adore rural folk dread jams so much, and as far as non cosmopolitan gialli go, none come anywhere close to this. A prime candidate for a blu ray overhaul via Arrow or Severin, don’t sleep on this one... it’s absolutely wicked and 100% essential.

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