neverwork has written 3 reviews for films with no rating during 2018.

  • Winchester


    They really squandered this premise (& Helen Mirren!) and came out with a very cliched ghost movie. And what better moment for a supernatural horror film about an american gun manufacturer! Bummer.

    Some cool sets and photography tho.

  • Manhunter


    I watched this for the Tom Noonan performance, which is excellent of course. His first scene is terrifying, probably the best moment in the film. I'm a little bummed this adaptation left out the scene where Francis Dollarhyde eats the Blake watercolor -- it's such a weird emotional peak in Red Dragon & I really wanted to see Noonan play it.

    The score has some great dark 80s synth music too!

  • Green Room

    Green Room

    Damn, Anton Yelchin was so good in this, RIP.