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  • Swiss Army Man
  • Starsky & Hutch
  • Winter Journey
  • The Darjeeling Limited

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  • Welcome, or No Trespassing


  • Paranoid Park


  • Human Traffic


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    few months ago, while in a dvd store with my friend, i pointed at that movie and jokingly mentioned being so obsessed with it as a kid, that i’d go as far as rewatching it almost on daily basis back them, my friend then shortly replied with: “yeah that explains a lot about you”. 
    i keep thinking about what they said. because they are right and i’m too much of a coward to admit that.

  • Two Little Boys

    Two Little Boys


    anyone wanna recreate this with me irl?

Popular reviews

  • Swiss Army Man

    Swiss Army Man


    if i had a nickel for every time i’ve seen daniel radcliffe kiss another man on screen, i would have two nickels, which isn’t much, but it’s actually cool that it happened twice

    anyways, i remember seeing trailer for this movie at my childhood home, back when it just came out. but now since paul dano is getting the recognition he deserves, i decided to finally watch it after six whole years. it was beautiful, great and will definitely be stuck with me for a very very very long time

    also fellas is it gay to kiss your homie underwater after a near-death experience? 🧐

  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

    Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith


    it’s my birthday and yes, my first priority is to finish rewatching the original star wars saga