Hi, my name is Noa, I'm an unprofessional moron and master of typographical errors.

The Leftovers is my favourite thing ever created.

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  • Shame
  • Red Rocket
  • Dial M for Murder

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  • From All of Us to All of You

  • La Dolce Vita


  • Benedetta


  • Outrage


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  • From All of Us to All of You

    From All of Us to All of You

    Merry Christmas

  • The Soft Skin

    The Soft Skin


    This is one of the most tailored for me movies I have ever seen. In subject it's a drama about a man's infidelity and the consequences it has but in style it's a Hitchcockian thriller. The way Truffaut blends these two elements is outstanding and if ever get to make films I would also want to do something like this.

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  • Luca



    Luca is simply one of the most charming and likeable things ever, and I couldn't have asked for a better film at a better time as this wa sthe first one I saw with my family after getting home from film camp. It's tells a very small scale story that has an elaborate concept but it never ever loses sight of the humanity, sympathy, and intimacy in its core. There is no huge threat to the world or anything like…

  • The World's End

    The World's End


    Yep, this is still my favourite Edgar Wright film. Every plot point and joke is actually a stroke of genius. I have no fucking idea how one would even begin writing this but I am so glad Edgar Wright managed to pull it off. This rewatch had me realising how much thematic weight this one has and also that the script is just as air tight as the rest if Wright's work.

    What I think elevates this above all of…