Skyfall ★★★★★

I started this 007 binge to have seen all Bond movies when No time to die comes out. Little did I know that so many of them wouldn't be very good, I consideredquitting multiple times but endured those movies because I knew I would eventually get to Skyfall.

This was one of the two Bond films I had seen before starting the binge and ever since I first saw it I have counted it amongst my favourite movies. But I was still worried it wouldn't hold up as well on a rewatch simply because my taste and way of viewing films has evolved so much sine I first saw this. But I am so happy to say that not only did Skyfall hold up wonderfully but I appriached it even more this time around.

What I hadn't noticed before is how the film deals with the past and the future. The evolution of technology is cleverly incorporated in the narrative and they are put directly at odds with the classical, now obsolete, methods of espionage. The film acknowledges how much the world has changed during the lifetime of the Bond series and realises that the franchise needs to move on from the old days. And by abandoning many of the outdated parts of the series and introducing the contemporary political climate the film is very much trying to lead the Bond franchise into the future. But to move into the future one must face the past.

Actions have consequences. That is something the characters realises as ghosts from their past comes back to haunt them. The films sees it's characters having to grapple with a world that is moving into the future, but as the main conflict escalates they are forced to face their pasts, both literally and figuratively.
Skyfall is filled to the brim with fantastic moments, both of action and suspense but also those genuine emotions. This is the first Bond film I have been emotional connected to and it's by far the most character driven film I the frnachise as it focuses on Bond's relationship with M and let's their emotions and choices stand in centre. On top of that the antagonist is not out for total world domination or anything like that, no, his conflict with the heroes is personal.
And although the film is very much about moving into the future it's still a passionate love letter to the spy genre and is full of loving homages to the franchise's past.

And like that wasn't enough Skyfall is also a technical masterwork. Mendes brings a modern yet simultaneously classicist style of direction which fits perfectly, and this is one of those film where there exists a perfect harmony between all aspects of filmmaking to the point where you can't pin point a best part of it.

Skyfall is an awesome, riveting film where every action scene goes down a best of all time in my books but it's also one that means a lot to me and that I connect to on so many levels. Skyfall is a masterpiece, I have tried to avoid using that word as much as possible but I can't think of many films better deserving of that title tan this one.

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