Memento ★★★★

Exams are done! Life continues. Can’t pretend this was a prep watch for TENET, because I saw it several months ago - among like 70 other films that I’ll eventually get around to logging - but I still like it a lot, as I shamefully confess I do most of Nolan’s films. (Especially INCEPTION, which I recently upgraded to the rarely-seen 5/5; justification in like a year, probably, given my current logging rate.) This is just ludicrously enjoyable on a sheer puzzlebox level, which is probably why I respond to Nolan so strongly; untangling labyrinthine plots is one of my main cinematic guilty-pleasures, so of course I adore his temporal trickery. Yet MEMENTO also manages to keep the central gimmick from feeling like a gimmick, primarily by engraving very real emotion about the value of denial into every element of its construction. Main reservation concerns the b/w scenes, which feel like something “modern” Nolan (whether you consider that a good or a bad thing) would have more skilfully integrated into the main plot, trusting his devout fans (including, secretly, me) to spend time unravelling its subtlety rather than resorting to expository V/O. As great as this is, he still hadn’t quite figured out his voice.

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