Team America: World Police

Team America: World Police ★★★

Makes its point incredibly cogently (well, as cogently as you can expect from a stop-motion puppet film by the SOUTH PARK guys) in its first five minutes, then just kinda repeats it less coherently over and over. Which is a problem that’s befallen satirists from Juvenal to Chappelle, so fair enough, but I can’t help but think that - insofar as this is a critique of American foreign policy - you could basically just turn it off immediately afterwards. Except then you’d miss other glorious satirical moments like its deconstruction of training montages / PEARL HARBOUR / actors-as-politicians (“even more relevant today,” marred only by the fact that Helen Hunt’s career has gone absolutely nowhere except for directing an episode of, fittingly enough, THE POLITICIAN). Puppet form’s pretty inspired, too, especially when attention is called to its unreality; problem is, the immaturity gets repetitive after about 25 minutes - coincidentally, the exact length of a SOUTH PARK episode. Also, on behalf of all other Americans living abroad - PLEASE STOP SHOUTING “AMERICA, FUCK YEAH” AT US. YOU MAY THINK IT IS ORIGINAL, BUT I ASSURE YOU IT IS NOT. THANK YOU.