Film #19 of My Hooptober Halloween Horror-thon

Hollie, I cannot begin to thank you enough for bringing this movie into my life.

HellBent is a slasher movie. People fuck, or start to fuck, or try to fuck...then they die. Those people happen to be four gay dudes at a fabulously debaucherous Halloween carnival and they all happen to be very attractive.

I'm willing to admit right up front that I love this movie more than probably should because I'm a gay horror fan but don't think that's the only reason I like it. This is a fun, well made slasher flick.

I loved every character. The beautiful, shy good guy is the lead surrounded by his 3 friends and a love interest. One of the friends fucks everything in sight and he's hilarious. Another is a gorgeous model who spends the entire movie in drag, which he is extremely uncomfortable with. The third is the slightly younger, not conventionally hot (though I found him and his character to be adorable) and not at all self confident gay dude. The love interest is a badass, tattooed biker type. Even if this wasn't a horror movie I would have watched and liked the movie just based on the characters alone.

The killer is a nameless, faceless, motiveless buff dude with a sickle and a satan mask who's just lookin for some good head[s]...

I can't tell if I love or hate the fact that most, possibly all (I'm not too sure about the lead), of the cast is straight. On one hand, I kind of love that all these hot straight guys are makin out with each other all throughout the movie. On the other hand...this movie is the story of my life...they always turn out to be straight...

This is an immediate favorite and has just become an October tradition.

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