Infinities Lock

Dave Wascavage’s filmography is so full of surprises that I just grow to love him more and more with every movie I see. What the hell could s movie called Infinities Lock be about? I had no idea but the last thing I expected was some marines in the jungle a Predator riff. We spend an hour in the South American jungle (which looks very much like woods in eastern Pennsylvania, but who am I to judge?) with some special forces guys who know absolutely nothing about their objective. CGI alien creatures start showing up and then the las third takes an appropriately Wascavagey weird left turn and I just COULDN’T GET ENOUGH!

I don’t know anyone who uses CGI the way Wascavage does and I love him for it. Anyone who has seen Fungicide knows the extent to which he’s willing to flood the screen with early screensaver-esque sequences and this one is no different. It’s beautiful in its cheap, rudimentary look, although I can only imagine how difficult it must actually be to get it on the screen like he does. It’s probably my favorite thing about his movies and he has yet to disappoint.