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  • The Snake Woman

    The Snake Woman

    This absolutely charming little picture from the UK couldn't have won me over any better than it did. A small town scientist injecting snake venom into the blood of his pregnant wife? I mean come on! We all know that's gonna backfire and boy am I happy it did.

    Cut to 20ish years later and this town is still feeling the serpentine curse of that snakey baby and in comes a young, science minded officer from the Scotland Yard who's…

  • CIA Assassin: First Contract

    CIA Assassin: First Contract

    Another weirdo Debbie D custom video with the old dude. This one is making me wonder if I have any feeling left in my insides because it just seemed like weirdo Debbie D stuff while I was watching it but then I realized this is literally just an excuse to look at topless women through crosshairs and see "crime scene photographs" of 9 dead women. These PMS productions customs are fucking creepy but at least Debbie's making money off these weirdos.

  • Who Wants To Be A Vampire Bride?

    Who Wants To Be A Vampire Bride?

    Debbie D, Pamela Sutch, and Laura Giglio are kind of the perfect trio in a W.A.V.E. comedy and I immediately fell in a love with them as they spew minutes upon minutes of mindless dialogue about moving into a haunted house together. Eventually we meet Dean Paul as Count Vorgo, the vampire with THE GIANT SCHLONG, and his weird Eastern European accent was oddly charming. Everything in this movie is over the top and incredibly stupid and I wouldn't want…

  • Beef: You Are What You Eat

    Beef: You Are What You Eat

    How does one get huge without going through all those annoying years of weight training and protein shakes (and probably steroids) just lure bodybuilders into your apartment to take sexy posing pictures of them, kill them, drink their blood, and eat their flesh. Problem solved.

    This movie is seriously padded with giant muscle men in posing straps. Like a W.A.V.E. offshoot trying to be A.M.G. It's fucking great though. Some serious insanity. Good kills. Fun gore. And even though bodybuilders…

  • Virtual Wraith

    Virtual Wraith

    Virtual Wraith is Pete Jacelone's newest movie. It's about a young boy who beta tests a virtual reality game and gets into more than he bargained for. The kid, Anthony Hasjok, is great. You basically shuffle back and forth between him in his room playing the game with the VR helmet on and his VR avatar in the game. The VR world was pretty cool too.

    It's a good concept and it's well executed. There aren't many low budget directors still making movies out there that deliver the goods like Pete does EVERY TIME.

  • The Hook of Woodland Heights

    The Hook of Woodland Heights

    This movie was excellent and I have no idea why it's been left to rot away on that Donna Michelle tape for all these years without a single reissue. Attack of the Killer Refrigerator was a bunch of friends with a camera having fun and figuring shit out and I love that about it but The Hook... is a fully formed movie with some pretty good acting, good effects, and a fun psycho. Yeah it's not actually a hook, per…

  • Little Witch II

    Little Witch II

    More Little Witch nonsense from Debbie D. and that old guy. This time they're joined by Debbie Dutch (aka Deborah Dutch, aka Debra Dare) and it's just as weird, if not weirder, than the first one. More dildos through the zipper, more naked ladies, more witchcraft, and a lot more talking. This is pure insanity from the mind of some pervert who really likes Debbie D.

  • Little Witch

    Little Witch

    This is a Debbie D. custom video from 2008. This is post-W.A.V.E. Debbie D. when she was making customs with a chunky old guy under the PMS Productions moniker. It's even weirder than you think, that is if you have ever seen a W.A.V.E. movie before. If you haven't than you REALLY have no idea how weird this is. The old guy cracks me up though. He has the best dialogue and instead of full frontal they just stick a dildo through his zipper.

  • Bad Seeds

    Bad Seeds

    Alex DiSanto gives me hope for the future. Here's a teenager so fluent in (s)exploitation that he made a movie for literally no money (movies that people call "no-budget" and "z-grade" still have budgets of at least a few grand) that truly feels at home in the 60's sexploitation world without any actual sex or nudity. That's amazing.

    Seriously though, lots of people are out there making throwback movies and I generally don't like them. They tend to exaggerate the…

  • Infinities Lock

    Infinities Lock

    Dave Wascavage’s filmography is so full of surprises that I just grow to love him more and more with every movie I see. What the hell could s movie called Infinities Lock be about? I had no idea but the last thing I expected was some marines in the jungle a Predator riff. We spend an hour in the South American jungle (which looks very much like woods in eastern Pennsylvania, but who am I to judge?) with some special…

  • Robot Ninja

    Robot Ninja

    Day 2 of the Tempe Apocalypse hit Manhattan and once again I found myself watching a beautiful restoration of a Bookwalter classic while sitting next to the man himself. This time I was even more likely to fall asleep during the movie than the night before but I bought lots of candy and soldiered through.

    The first time I watched Robot Ninja it was under less than perfect circumstances. The movie didn't look or sound nearly as good as this…

  • The Dead Next Door

    The Dead Next Door

    I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to live where I live. I'm fairly close to the Exhumed Films screenings in Philly, a doable drive to the Mahoning Drive In Theater, and within driving distance of pretty much anything cool happening in New Jersey. Then there's everything that happens in NYC. This weekend my friends over at Horror Boobs and Saturn's Core teamed up for Tempe Apocalypse. 3 movies, 4 screenings, 4 days. Day 1 was at the Nitehawk…