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  • The Arena

    The Arena

    Aka Spartitcus
    Aka Breasticus
    Aka Mammory Glandiators
    Aka Boob-Hur
    Aka Flash of the Titans
    Aka Quo Vagis

  • Black Mama, White Mama

    Black Mama, White Mama

    It's the Filipino shot, lady version of The Defiant Ones and who better to play the Sidney Poitier role than Pam Grier.

    I've had this DVD for a long time and just never got around to it but watching Machete Maidens Unleashed recently inspired me to finally pop it in.

    As a big fan of the Filipino exploitation movies this is an all star cast and crew. Eddie "Beast of the Yellow Night" Romero directing a flick starring Pam Grier,…

  • Sweet Revenge

    Sweet Revenge

    This late 80's Corman produced action flick is a lot better than I expected it to be.

    I think the budget is the only reason this movie doesn't really have a following outside direct to video junkies and Corman enthusiasts because it really is a lot of fun in spite of the fact that the action sequences are so obviously low budget, quick, and cheap.

    The story is simple. 3 women and a lady journalist get kidnapped by a crime…

  • Below the Belt

    Below the Belt

    This movie had two things going against it for me right from the beginning.

    1. I was expecting a T & A flick about lady wrestlers not a serious movie.

    2. I don't give a shit about wrestling.

    Other than that it's a decent movie. Interesting characters living their lives on the road from city to city wrestling with each other.

    Unfortunately not too much happens until the big rival match at the end.

  • The Broken Land

    The Broken Land

    The Broken Land is a cheap, short and sweet western ghost-produced by Roger Corman and featuring an early Nicholson performance.

    It's nothing special but it's way too short to be I just love watching young Jack Nicholson.

  • In Bruges

    In Bruges

    What a fucking movie.

    It's got drugs, murder, a racist midget, somebody calling somebody else's kids cunts and yet it wasn't a cheap exploitation movie like I normally watch. It's one of the weirdest and most interesting star studded big budget flicks I've seen since Seven Psychopaths.

    I don't watch too many big Hollywood-type movies anymore. If there's a movie star in one of my movies it's probably the shitty, first movie of their career. I'm so glad I tip…

  • Christmas Evil

    Christmas Evil

    This isn't the Christmas slasher that bloody knife on the cover might suggest. Instead it's a psychological horror flick. It's a bit slow but that's not a bad thing.

    I know this came out in 1980 but this is classic, grainy, late 70's grindhouse. It's creepy, it's weird and as John Waters points out repeatedly on one of the commentary tracks, more than a little fetishistic.

    The director didn't really say whether or not he was going for those sexual…

  • Hollywood Boulevard II

    Hollywood Boulevard II

    It's a 1989 rehash of Dante and Arkush's 1976 classic with slightly forgettable characters this time.

    The original really took advantage of an amazing cast of New World regulars. Paul Bartel, Mary Woronov, Dick Miller, Candace Rialson, etc. This time around no one stands out quite like any of them.

    It certainly isn't unusual for a quick and cheap Corman flick from this time to use old New World stock footage but since the original Hollywood Boulevard was almost entirely…

  • The Ref

    The Ref

    Merry fucking Christmas, asshole.

  • Shake, Rattle and Rock!

    Shake, Rattle and Rock!

    When Tom Morton told me this morning that Allan Arkush made another movie loosely tied to Rock 'n' Roll high School I looked it up immediately. I couldn't find too many DVD's online and I didn't want to spend too much so I put it on hold for another time. When I got home I figured...let me check Netflix. I never watch movies on Netflix because I hate watching movies on some sort of mobile device but I bit the…

  • Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever

    Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever

    Cory Feldman just recently put out an album. I heard the single and it sucked but his voice wasn't terrible. Until last night that was all I had to go on if somebody were to ask me, "Cory Feldman is a wonderful actor...but how is he as a musician?"

    Now I'm more capable of giving an well informed answer. In 1991 the dude couldn't sing for shit.

    The beauty of Rock 'n' Roll High School was not only that it…

  • Rock 'n' Roll High School

    Rock 'n' Roll High School

    This movie is so perfect in every single way.

    First, there's that amazing cast. Arkush saw P.J. Soles in Halloween and immediately said I want her in my movie and I honestly can't think of anyone else for that role. He also wanted Jamie Lee Curtis for the Kate Rambeau character but didn't think he could have gotten/afforded her. Dey Young did a great job though.

    Miss Togar and Mr. McGree were written especially for Mary Woronov and Paul Bartel.…