Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★★

This is the MCU’s most gorgeous film by far! This chapter in the MCU is a lot to take in! It introduces us to a whole new world and gives us detailed explanations about the lore of this part of the franchise! And it’s really significant to what’s happening in the MCU right now!

I always mention about how great the MCU’s casting is and they knock it out of the park again! Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange is wonderful! Stephen Strange progresses through the narrative and he truly shines when he gets his cloak! At the start he’s very similar to Tony Stark but of course he gains his own personality as the film goes on and becomes the sorcerer that we know and love! I love Doctor Strange’s powers and if I were a superhero I’d definitely choose magic! Tilda Swinton is excellent here as The Ancient One! She steals every single scene she’s in and I love how she’s more complicated than meets the eye! Chiwetel Ejiofor is a fine character but there’s nothing really interesting about him and who knows if he’ll ever return! Rachel McAdams doesn’t get a lot of screen time but she’s just as great as she always is when she is on screen! Benedict Wong is surprisingly more funny than I remember him being! And Mads Mikkelsen plays a very compelling villain in my opinion and it gives me hope for when he plays Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts! As I said, the film is just mesmerising! From the special effects on their powers, spells, dimensions and realities, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen because it was so beautiful! And the action sequences that take place in these twisted realities are some of the most memorable in the MCU because of how visually striking they are! I think there’s a lot of exposition that’s quite hard to understand as this is the first time we’re introduced to this part of the franchise, and it wants to get it all out of the way so it can move on! So I would’ve maybe spread it out a bit more! But this instalment is a really fun and interesting time that brings to light a dazzling character!

Overall, Doctor Strange is another great addition to the MCU that the majority of fans love! With brilliant characters, complex and important story and the best visuals I’ve probably ever seen in a superhero film, it’s a magical time!

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