The Babysitter ★★★½

Samara Weaving being a nerd is my favourite thing I’ve seen this year! It’s taken me a while to get round to seeing this but now that the sequel is out, I figured it was time!

Obviously my favourite thing about the movie is Samara Weaving who is just unbelievably fantastic here! Her on screen presence is so demanding and your eyes are always drawn to her character because you’re eager for more! She’s badass, hilarious and weird which I appreciated a lot! Judah Lewis played his character really well! I enjoyed going through this wild story with him! Andrew Bachelor and Bella Thorne had the best jokes in my opinion and it was hard not to laugh when they were on screen! Hans Mae Lee and Robbie Amell we’re both great additions to the cast as they brought something different and exciting to the table!

There are a few stupid horror movie decisions which unfortunately occur quite a lot throughout the movie and I was a little distracted by it to be honest! But I did like the blend of comedy and horror because I think it’s a genre that works really well and thankfully it does so here! I really liked the music choices and I honestly think in around twenty five years or so this will become a cult classic because it just features all those qualities that an iconic movie would have!

Overall, The Babysitter is a lot of fun that a lot of people will have a good time with! It’s funny, crazy and Samara Weavings performance is so significant that it will live on for generations! I’ll hopefully be reviewing the sequel this time tomorrow!

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