Upgrade ★★★★

Some class this movie as a horror film and while there are a few horrorish elements within the movie, I feel it’s more of an action thriller!

I have never seen Logan Marshall-Green in a film before but I am very impressed! His facial expressions and mannerisms are so accurate and realistic to the situation that he’s dealing with and by the end of the film I was so amazed by his ability to switch from one person to the other effortlessly! I also loved Betty Gabriel as the cop who’s investing the case! I loved how badass and determined she was! The action scenes in this movie are so unique and they genuinely feel like they’ve been pulled out of a video game! The cinematography and camera work really compliment all the moves happening during the fights and that results in some really interesting visuals! The twist is really quite clever and the mystery does hold your interest throughout the entire film!

One thing that annoyed me was that there was a futuristic car used at the start of the film because it’s set in a future with advanced technology! And then after that we only see one other high tech car! There’s a car chase scene that’s actually pretty cool but all the way through I just kept thinking all of the cars were normal and it didn’t seem futuristic! It’s a nitpick but it just annoyed me a little bit!

Overall, Upgrade is a smart, one of a kind film that introduces some fantastic material to be expanded on! We could get a sequel considering the cliffhanger and I’m in favour of that! It’s not too long so if you’re looking to watch some dark action movie, I would recommend this!

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