Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★½

Hm. So I think my experience of this was affected by a) having already absorbed some of The Conversation and having been spoiled on a major plot point and b) at home viewing - I would have found this a lot more immersing and possibly more effective on a big screen and more importantly with no pause button BUT

This fell really flat for me. It felt dated, which seems loaded to say because yea obviously this still happens, but the aesthetic, a lot of the dialogue (I groaned at that DFW joke but not the way the movie wanted me to!), just how schematic it felt...seemed like a conversation from 2014! Mulligan was good but the character wasn’t grounded or heightened enough to care about, just existed in this haze of low-level implausibility where I’m asking, how big is this city? How long has she been doing this? Where’s the satisfaction in *delivering lectures* as a revenge plot - like yes there’s a power in making people face things about themselves they don’t want to admit and I understand that was the idea but the encounters were so lifeless, in script and filming, that there was no surprise, nothing visceral - do guys really still say “I’m a nice guy”?? Don’t they have Twitter? I thought a lot about the logistics of what Cassie was doing which I would not have cared about if I had felt it more. I think it needed more unreality than the Insta filters could provide - which would have made the story more real not less

The Burnham parts dragged because yes obviously he was involved and there was no sense of their relationship other than the singing (cute sure but there has to be more to making a relationship than Doin Bits, this is Palm Springs all over again! I guess it could have been a criticism of that but I don’t think it was). The idea that Cassie couldn’t be intimate with him was interesting and sad and if the movie had worked with that - given some sense of what it took for her to be willing to get in bed with him rather than just montage, I would have been more involved in general and felt the hurt when the reveal happened

I did like the way the reveal happened - keeping the camera on her face, the “haha this is fucked up!” kind of reaction that we have unfortunately all heard by now, from videos like this. Other stuff I liked: the interior of Cassie’s parents house with all the dog portraits, Clancy Brown against type as a Nice Dad (though, would a real shocking thing be if he had done something terrible?), the fairy tale woods walk to the bachelor’s party (see visual obviousness is fine when you do it with style), the specific grossness of calling your wife your “moral compass,” Connie Britton against type as a woman who has made her choice (even though she DEFINITELY would have called the cops and also, what was that shot of her receptionist chuckling while she screamed at Cassie? Like...this fat administrative worker is Cassie’s ally somehow based on...? What is our coalition here)

Lotta talk about the soft boy as creep casting but hasn’t that been Adam Brody’s main thing since the OC ended? Am I the only one who remembers In The Land of Women??? (I mean, probably, that movie doesn’t exist)

That being said I said SCHMIDT NO when Max Greenfield opened the door so I guess it did work on me

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